All About The Ultimate Kit

Are you debating about pulling the trigger on the Ultimate Kit? Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for all of of your sneaker cleaning needs? Read on, and learn how the Ultimate Kit can step up your cleaning game.

Variety of Cleaning Brushes, including a soft one for delicate material, medium brush for leather (& more), and the stiff for soles.

Advanced Sneaker Cleaner, a full 16oz bottle of solution. This eco-friendly cleaner can last you up to 160 pairs. 

Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent, provides a unique deep clean for your sneakers.

The protective Laundry Bag, keeps your shoes damage free while in the washer.

Shoe Trees, used to keep your sneakers sturdy during cleaning and storing.

The Sneaker Deodorizer has a  specialized formula to disinfect and freshen your shoes.

The Sneaker Water + Stain Repellent, is a simple application to prevent stains on your shoes.

The Brass Brush is perfect for returning suede shoes to their soft texture.

The Suede Eraser can easily remove scuffs and damage from suede or nubuck.

Dual-Textured Shoe Wipes are great for on the go cleaning.

The Ultimate Kit includes all of this plus, a Collapsible Cleaning Bowl and Microfiber Towel, for the most efficient clean.

Hear from the Experts

JOhn Manalo

"My favorite products are the brushes. You have all three brushes for different applications."

Harrison Nevel

"The cleaning wipes are my favorite because it helps me not worry when wearing sneakers day to day."

Unbreakable kicks

"My favorite is the Water+Stain Repellent, because it keeps my shoes A1!"

Untied hawaii

"I [always buy] lightly worn sneakers and the Deodorizer gets them smelling fresh!" 

See the Kit in Action

250+ ★★★★★ Reviews

I had very high expectations and when I got it it has exceeded those expectations. It's almost unbelievable and I'm not even kidding I've never seen anything that is even close to producing these results.

by Cody T.

I bought this hoping I would get some extra time out of my all white sneakers and I was blown away. This not only cleaned my sneakers but they look almost brand new! Highly recommend and will continue to purchase these products!

by Erica S.

I absolutely love it. I was pretty confident with it after watching numerous videos and more. Once I got to use it in person and see the results for myself, I was amazed. It made my Nike x Sacai LDWaffles look brand new again. This is an A1 product and I’d worth every single penny. You can definitely bet I will order this again!

by Osato A.

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