Air Force 1 Low Suede Pack

Is there ever a bad time for another Air Force One Collection? Absolulety NOT! Feast your eyes on the forthcoming, Air Force One Suede Pack! This iconic silhouette has been reworked countless times. Last year alone we were blessed with nearly a dozen iterations! It seems that monochromatic colorways will never get old! All 3 renditions are ideal for color blocking and help commemorate the start of warmer weather. A slight white outline around the Swoosh provides a subtle color contrast. Check out more images below.
What's most interesting about this collection is the fact that the midsoles are consistent with the colorways. Unlike most Air Force One offerings, round laces have been used rather than the traditional flat look. While there's no release date yet, it's never too soon to grab a bottle of our premium water repellent! Keep your eyes peeled for a confirmed drop date. 

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