Flashback Footwear

The time has come to reflect on an iconic sneaker that’ll be making quite a comeback in 2016. The Air Jordan 2 is one of the least respected silhouettes in Jordan history. Realistically, this iconic masterpiece doesn’t get enough play. Largely overshadowed by its predecessor and successor, the Air Jordan 2 deserves more credit. Released in 1986, the Nike Air Jordan 2 was one of the first basketball sneakers to feature a full length Nike Air cushioned midsole. This addition was largely due to the fact that Michael had just come off a severe foot injury from his previous NBA season. Eager to accommodate their signature athlete, Nike created a sneaker with superior performance qualities.


Surprisingly, the Air Jordan 2 was the first silhouette to reach the $100 mark. This can be attributed to the fact that it was originally manufactured in Italy. Softer leathers were used along with a unique faux lizard skin. Today it’s referenced as one of the first sneakers to incorporate high fashion with sports and basketball. The Nike Air Jordan 2 has resurfaced numerous times including the recent DTRT rendition. Variations of the sneaker range from classic Bulls colors to completely unorthodox. If you happen to have an original pair I suggest you cherish them, as their value will continue to skyrocket. While 2016 releases are dope in theory, they can’t lay a finger to OG releases in terms of quality. What would you consider to be the greatest Air Jordan 2 release of all time? 

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