Sole Clinics, Foundation Series, and Art Gallery December 31 2015, 0 Comments

EJ Ferrer began Sole Clinics to combine two of his biggest life passions, sneakers and art. His latest creation is the Foundation series and the inspiration? Sneakers. The Foundation series expresses two definitions, the beginning of the legendary sneakers, and solid base of creating something strong.

Originally beginning with the Jordan 1, EJ has expanded the series through __ Air Jordan models. Last month, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement and EJ created the Air Zoom Kobe 1 and Air Zoom Generation for Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Looking to purchase one for the living room? That’ll run about $2,000 USD and they’re extremely limited. There’s only one of each model.

The art gallery was hosted in Long Beach, EJ's hometown. On top of the bouncy atmosphere, the sketches and works were up for all to see.


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