Nike N7 Collection

Nike N7 Collection

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The Nike N7 Collection began, with the aid of Native American businessman and visionary, Sam McCracken. Sam became instrumental in writing business plans to strengthen relationships between Nike and the Native American Community. Moreover, he came up with the idea to sell Nike products directly to Native American populations and tribes. Proceeds benefited health promotion and disease prevention programs. Exactly Seven years after this business division had surfaced, Nike began work with community experts and tribal leaders to create footwear for Native American communities.

The collection would be called, Nike Air Native N7. The name has been influenced by the seven Native generations. Nike has made a commitment to promote physical activity and community involvement. It is their belief that through living a healthier lifestyle our generation can maximize its potential. Using the sneaker community as a platform for change has proven to be an effective way to make a difference.   

Moreover, unifying a community through constructive activity is the goal of N7. In reality few activities bring people together the way sports do. The task of ending the growing epidemic of physical inactivity starts within the community. All proceeds benefit youth sports and physical activity programs in Native Communities across North America.

Today Nike’s N7 products are available to anyone interested in benefiting Native Tribes. As the year commences, consider the impact you’ve had on others including charitable causes you’ve donated to. It would be in good taste for Sneakerheads to considering adding something from the Nike N7 Collection to their holiday wish list. Just be sure to check out the sneaker care products from Reshoevn8r to keep them crispy!

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