PJ Tuckers Continues to Stunt On Court

The NBA is about three weeks into the 2015-16 NBA season and the Golden State Warriors are still on top of the basketball world. On the other hand, you have the Phoenix Suns looking to be a threat and staying competitive. PJ Tucker has been contributing but has been making more noise with his sneakers.

Last week, against the Los Angeles Clippers, Tucker only scored seven points but won some new fans. He chose to rock the Pure Platinums Nike Air Yeezy 2 for the first half and the Jordan XIV Graphites for the second. Not only did he gain more sneakerheads as fans, he's using his celebrity status for a great cause.

The best thing about rocking these shoes on court is the deed that follows. Tucker has pledged to auction off the game-worn shoes for charity. Find these on the auction block on December 11th. The Plat Yeezys aren't the only rare kicks to go up. There's also the Jason Kidd Jordan IX Away PEs.

The Heat Doesn't Stop There

Tucker began the season by rocking the Jordan X OVO with their alternate black sleeved jerseys.

Tucker was also seen in the Shattered Backboard Jordan 1s.

Against the Sacramento Kings, Tucker wore one of the rarest PEs ever, the Quentin Richardson Jordan IX PEs were brought out.

In an interview with the New York Times, Tucker has to store his shoes in 4 different locations:

P. J. Tucker, a forward with the Phoenix Suns, really likes sneakers. He likes them so much, in fact, that he needs four locations to store his collection.
He keeps some at his home in Phoenix, where about 200 pairs are piled in boxes next to his bed. He stacks others in the locker room at US Airways Center, where he occupies two stalls.
His mother has been gracious enough to stow several dozen at her home. She was, after all, the person who enabled his shoe-buying habit as a child, driving him to a Footaction store whenever the latest pair of Jordans was available.
And then there is the climate-controlled warehouse in North Carolina, not far from where he grew up, where Tucker stashes the bulk of his 2,000-pair collection. He does his best to label the boxes; otherwise, he might forget what he owns.


It's really amazing to see a player actually wear and enjoy his collection. In case the shoes get dirty, Reshoevn8r has you covered; hit us up PJ!

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