Drew League Vs. Seattle Pro Am

The Drew League is probably the mecca of Summer basketball. Fans from all over flock to the King / Drew Magnet High School in Los Angeles to catch a glimpse of good basketball when the NBA is out. 

The other league making noise is the Seattle Pro Am. After losing their franchise, basketball in the Northwest hasn't been the same. Jamal Crawford runs that league and headlines on a weekly basis in the Summer to pump some basketball life into the city. 

With a little bit of chatter on Twitter, the two Leagues flirted with the idea of a game featuring their top players. Luckily for fans, they agreed and set date for the showdown:

This season of the Drew League saw the likes of James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, and Nick Young and that was only the championship game. Other top guests include Stanley Johnson, Andre Drummond, Klay Thompson, Dorrell Wright, Baron Davis, and Cuttino Mobley to name a few. 

The Drew league is sponsored by Nike and represents the Swoosh while Brandblack and Jamal Crawford put on for the 206.

The game will obviously feature little defense unless trash talking comes in and the game remains close at the end. In case you were in the area, peep the game to catch some electrifying offense and buckets. Pro Am leagues are making noise and 2K Sports heard. In the newest edition of 2K basketball, you can customize your own team and arena.

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