Rocking Old Deadstock Shoes | Fat Joe Learns

All sneakerheads should know this already, if you don't wear your kicks and store them for a while, they'll crumble or separate when they do. By removing the moisture and trying to keep white looking crisp, the glue and materials will dry out and give out under the pressure.


Unfortunately for Fat Joe, he learned the hard way. Bringing out his Air Jordan VI DMP for the first time, the sole separated when he chose to stunt in them. The best way to combat this issue, WEAR YOUR KICKS. After all, you'll have Reshoevn8r here to restore your kicks to looking deadstock.


Case: Air Jordan Sole Separation

User: Fat Joe

Shoes: Air Jordan VI DMP (2007)

As an avid sneaker collector, Fat Joe should've known what the consequences are. Obviously, he has the money for another pair, but the heart break is real. His comment exemplifies his feelings with his crushed souls. The Defining Moments Package may be the best combo to drop. Many can argue with the 11/12 Collezione but these were truly the first package to drop. Both shoes were the first to kick off the Chicago Bulls three-peats and are often regarded as grails. In a classy black, gold, and white color, the elegance is off the charts.

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