Air Jordan Unveils 2016 Collections June 13 2015, 0 Comments

While 2015 is only half way through, Jordan Brand is already looking forward to 2016. They unveiled some of their upcoming projects and that includes three collections that are inspired from the past. During Michael Jordan's prime years, he was pretty good.

First off is the "Dunk From Above" Collection which reminisces about Jordan's high flying ability to elevate and finish at the rim. Then, there's the "Poster" Collection which isn't derived from his posterizing dunks but some classic ad campaigns. Last but not least, there's also the "Alternate" Collection which looks at the Player's Editions that he could've donned back then. Both the "Dunk From Above" and "Alternate" Collections will feature the Air Jordan V but in a rare Low model. All in all, most of the popular models (I, II, IV, V, and XII) will return to stores.

"Dunk From Above"  

"Poster" Collection

"Alternate" Collection

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