Ronnie Fieg X Diamond Supply Co.

Ronnie Fieg and Nicky Diamonds are two iconic collaborators in the sneaker game. Everything they create sells out. The two have informed the world that they will work together and create something dope. 

The canvas for their next masterpiece will be a pair of Asics Gel Saga. The runners will feature a Tiffany blue theme (originally inspired by Tiffany & Co.). Detail is everything, the lace tips will feature a diamond logo on one and Ronnie Fieg on the other. Like the Tiffany Dunks, the colorway is teal and black. The black is seen all over include the perforated leather upper and outsole.

Diamond has created an empire and making that teal associated with their brand. Tiffany blue is correlated with Tiffany & Co for the ladies, while the sneaker heads associate it with the Los Angeles based brand.

Ronnie Fieg has raised Asics and New Balance's image with his collaborations. By bringing new ideas and color schemes to the runners, he's been able to capture and reel in sneaker heads who were stuck on Air Jordan, Nike, and adidas kicks. 

It's a pretty safe bet to assume clothing apparel will be included too. Currently there are no photos of apparel but there is a hat with the iconic Diamond with KITH inscribed on it. For the resellers, get them, they'll be worth a lot. For those who actually dig the shoes and want to wear them, it won't be easy. No release information is disclosed as of now but you can figure these will be all over the web when it does come out. 

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