3 Products to Make Your Sneakers Last Longer in the Summer

3 Products to Make Your Sneakers Last Longer in the Summer

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Reshoevn8r JR Sneaker Laundry System

Jr Sneaker Laundry System

Soccer. Baseball. Tree Climbing. Oh my! The kids are home for the summer which means they are busy getting up to no good. While they are off making fond childhood memories; their kicks are off getting drenched in warm mud, and dead grass. It is not the end for those sneakers! Before you throw them in the trash, and send your hard-earned money down with it, just clean those kid shoes up with Reshoevn8r!

Our JR Laundry System is formulated with kids and teens in mind! With Shoe Trees that can fit into as small as a size 4 Youth, and a quick yet effective cleaning method, you will wonder why you didn’t think of this years ago!


Reshoevn8r Shoe & Foot Deodorizer

Shoe & Foot Deodorizer 

Summer = sweat. There is no getting around it! We aren’t just talking about under the arms or your forehead, even your feet start to sweat in the summer! Do you ever worry that when you go to kick off your sneakers and jump in the pool, the sweat stink may spread? Fear not, Reshoevn8r Shoe & Foot Deodorizer doesn’t just get rid of the smell of the sneaker stink, it actually kills the bacteria causing the odor. Now go kick your shoes off and put your feet up, you deserve it!


Reshoevn8r Sneaker Fresh Bags

Sneaker Fresh Bags

This product is for those of you who are the SERIOUS sneaker collectors! Have you ever had your favorite pair of sneaker suddenly turn yellow? Well that is because of oxidation caused by heat and dirt, it creates a chemical reaction in the exposed sneakers, turning the sole yellow… The summer only makes this problem worse. Protect your shoes from the elements and prevent oxidation with Reshoevn8r Sneaker Fresh Bags! They seal out any heat and dirt and keep your bottoms icy!


Jr Laundry System Shoe & Foot Deodorizer Sneaker Fresh Bags Summer

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