NBA Draft Lottery: Lakers Move Up & Knicks Slip May 19 2015, 0 Comments

May 19th was the date many had marked on their calendars. For the 14 teams who didn't clinch a playoff position, they've been watching these exciting NBA playoffs from the comfort of their own homes. They earned ping pong balls and hoped luck was on their side.

For the first time since 2004, the team with the worst record won the first pick. Looking back many teams slipped in and claimed the first overall pick such as the Chicago Bulls (Derrick Rose), Cavs (Kyrie Irving*, Anthony Bennet, Andrew Wiggins), New Orleans  Hornets (Anthony Davis), Wizards (John Wall), and Clippers (Blake Griffin). Looking at that list of the recent number one picks, it's looks bright for the young Minnesota Timberwolves team. 

The Lakers stayed within the Top 5, kept their pick, and moved up to the number two spot. Everybody else stayed in their own spots.  The other team in jeopard of losing their pick was the Miami Heat. In case the pick fell to 11, 12, or 13, the Philadelphia 76ers would've claimed that selection too. 

Unfortunately for our Arizona team, the Suns remained in the 13th spot. Being represented by Alex Len, the big fella chose the podium as an opportunity to show off his 'stache. Check it out below. 

Lottery Team & Odds

1. Minnesota Timberwolves (16-66): 25 percent

2. New York Knicks (17-65): 19.9 percent

3. Philadelphia 76ers (18-64): 15.6 percent

4. Los Angeles Lakers (21-61): 11.9 percent

5. Orlando Magic (25-57): 8.8 percent

6. Sacramento Kings (29-53): 6.3 percent

7. Denver Nuggets (30-52): 4.3 percent

8. Detroit Pistons (32-50): 2.8 percent

9. Charlotte Hornets (33-49): 1.7 percent

10. Miami Heat**  (37-45): 1.1 percent

11. Indiana Pacers (38-44): 0.8 percent

12. Utah Jazz (38-44): 0.7 percent

13. Phoenix Suns (39-43): 0.6 percent

14. Oklahoma City Thunder (45-37): 0.5 percent

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

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