Stephen Curry Wins 2014-15 NBA MVP

With Stephen Curry collecting this year's top individual award, the MVP race seemed to be a lot tighter than its been in a long time. Since 2009, LeBron James has collected four of the trophies while Curry and Derrick Rose are the only athletes to win the Maurice Podoloff award while sporting brands other than the Swoosh.

2015 NBA MVP - Stephen Curry 

Team: Golden State Warriors
Shoes: Under Armour Clutchfits / Curry One

Curry One

Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to a league best 67-15 record. Its a bit more impressive than it sounds since they hoop in the ultra-tough Western Conference. This season has been a success for Curry. He also received his first signature shoe, the Curry One and grabbed multiple endorsement deals. The baby-faced assassin rocked the Under Armour Clutchfit Drives and his Curry Ones throughout the season. As we've mentioned, Curry has single handedly raised the profile of Under Armour. He's put them in the respectable ranks and they're feeling great about it. 

Curry's acceptance speech was filled with emotions. He thanked everybody in his life and made it personable. Bob Myers, Steve Kerr, and the rest of Warriors spoke highly of Curry's character of the court. In an impress speech, he may have topped KD's heartfelt acceptance speech. 

Under Armour has announced plans to release an MVP edition of the Curry One. The white to black gradient upper is countered with gold accents. These will be available on June 13, 2015 on the UA website. 

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