NBA Announces New Sock Provider, Nike Retorts

Earlier this month, the NBA announced their expiring deal with their official clothing provider, adidas. Heading south, the NBA looks to revamp their socks by announcing their deal with Stance socks. In case you don't remember, Stance brought the NBA All-Star socks to life with prints and designs. Stance socks stepped into the limelight with their Legends socks. Bringing back memories,  In a underlying effort, that would actually become the first step towards something huge.

Nike saw the competition rise and retorted with the ability to customize your Elite socks. With the socks Nike iD, users can now customize with their names and number. There are currently 7 Nike Elite Fade colorways, 8 colors with the KD logos, and seven with the Kobe logo. As we've mentioned previously Nike Elite has really taken off. Team USA wears them as Nike is the official dresser. While they're back on the NBA court, the players will be in the new NBA Stance socks next season.


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