Top Nike Easter Themed Kicks

With April finally here, the Spring season changes the outdoors and the clothes begin to change. As the clothes changes, so should the color of your kicks. Nike found and picked Spring / Easter as a perfect opportunity to release lighter shades and more delicate colors. From their days in the Air Forces to the new wave of basketball kicks, the Easter Collection has been popular to say at the least. We've compiled some the best Easter themed Nikes. 

Nike Air Force 1 Easter

No matter how gangster Nelly and his St. Lunatics were, we're sure he had a pair of these. He probably had two pairs. "(Big boys) stomping in my air force ones"

Nike KD 6 Easter

The KD 6 Easters feature a green and black camo on the upper and gold accents. With this simple color blocking, the essence of Spring and green grass comes alive. 

Nike Dunk Easter

The Easter Dunk Highs took a different approach as they represented the chocolate bunny. That massive chunk of chocolate is designed in the shape of a rabbit. The Easter Rabbit to be exact. With the brown upper and pink accents, the polka dots on the midsole really sets these off. 

KD 4 Easter

In a soft green, the Easter feeling is captured in the KD 4. The mint green is reminiscent of the foil found on Easter chocolates. 

Kobe 8 Easter

The Kobe 8 is inspired from the painted Easter eggs. On a tri-color upper, the Lakers colorway is clashed with a hit of teal / green. This color is usually created when the waterpaint is diluted. 

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