The Definition of a Sneakerhead to you?

The Definition of a Sneakerhead in my mind.

What is the definition of a Sneakerhead to you?  Is it somebody who owns multiple sneakers?  Is it somebody who has sneakers on there mind all the time? Is it a re-seller that only buys the sneakers to sell right away to make a profit instantaneously.  To me its somebody who has continuous knowledge about not only sneakers, but the lifestyle that has evolved with sneakers.  Its not just about having some General Release sneakers form the last few years, Or having the most expensive pair of sneakers at a show. To me, the definition of a sneakerhead is someone who can name some dope shoes other then the obvious Jordan's. To me, its somebody that can pull out a pair of Uptempo's from 96 and tell you that this shoe held up with the ever so popular Air Jordan 11 and Air Penny 1 at the time.  Somebody that speaks knowledge about a sneaker and can boast a little of its history rather than say they spent X amount and has no clue where the concept or design came from.  This day in age with the sneaker trend being at an all time high do a little research on the kicks your wearing. A little knowledge never hurt anyone.

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  • Jerry Starks

    As a shoe collector, I appreciate this post. There are way too many “sneakerheads” in this community and the majority of them have tainted this hobby for those who truly enjoy and appreciate the history, and those involved with the making of sneakers and how it all came to be. To me, even though I’ve been in the game for almost 10 years now, what a Sneakerhead means to me is one that knows the history and respects the culture of sneakers. Like you said, it’s not about who can rock what, how much you paid for a shoe or boasting and bragging. Having a genuine love for shoes and willing to school any up comers that want to be apart of this community and show them the right way is what it’s all about to me, to eliminate raping resellers, hypebeats, and anyone who doesn’t know what “Bred” means as a colorway when they have one of the variations on their feet. I know as for me, I helped a new comer just by helping them start their collection from my collection. Paying it forward and educating those who want to be apart is what it’s all about to me. From one collector to another, keep rocking your kicks and keep them clean with Reshovn8r!

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