Get On The Shelf Contest

Reshoevn8r has entered the get on the shelf contest hosted by Walmart, voting starts March 7th and ends April 3rd, help us in becoming the worlds most recognized shoe cleaner! Text 807 to 383838 to vote

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Walmart gives local, socially-conscious entrepreneur, chance of a lifetime through Get on the Shelf contest.

Reshoevn8r, a local start-up company, has created an Eco-friendly product, designed to extend the life of sneakers. "Culturally, we throw shoes away long before their life is over, simply because of how they look", says Stephen Grear, inventor of the Reshoevn8r system. "Kids are sometimes even bullied over the appearance of their shoes, so it was just a bonus that this product addressed both issues”. Cash strapped parents will be able to extend their footwear dollar and keep their kids feeling good about how they look. The best part is that this system works so well that when it becomes time to donate or hand them down to a sibling because of sizing issues there is still plenty of life left. This product will easily double the life of a pair of shoes, which will have a compounding effect on the amount of waste generated, which could otherwise take 500 to 1000 years for some materials found in a shoes, to breakdown in a landfill. The first round of voting will last for another three weeks and support from the community could be exactly what gets Reshoevn8r on the shelf. A percentage of all sales are donated to The Brilliance Project, a local organization that challenges kids to discover, develop, and deliver their brilliance in an effort to elevate the collective brilliance of our community. They do extensive work across the country dealing with issues of bullying, diversity and inclusion, and our two organizations have aligned on a number of other projects over the last year. We would be forever grateful for any support you are able to offer.


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